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Office Moving Tips from Johnson Storage & Moving

Office Moving Tips from Johnson Storage & Moving – Find out more: or call 800-Buy-Move.

Commercial Moving Company – Moving an entire business can be challenging. No business can be profitable with down time. Johnson Commercial Solutions is here to solve that problem. Our comprehensive business moving services range from internal office transfers to the relocation of hundreds of employees and office furniture across town, across the country, or around the globe. Our certified commercial, office, and business movers can handle it all for your company.

Our commercial relocation specialists will visit your business, go over every part of the move, walk your office, or warehouse, or distribution center, or all of the above, work out a comprehensive move plan, discuss warehousing and inventory options if needed, and provide an estimate you can count on.

Upon acceptance of your certified commercial move estimate a project manager will be assigned so that a designated point of contact and move coordinator will be available throughout the process.

Office Moves
With more than 100 years of experience, we are the experts in commercial moving, equipped to handle the transport of not only office furniture, but computers, copiers, sensitive electronic equipment and anything else you may need moved.

Commercial Storage
Storage and warehouse management can be a complex process for any business, so leave it to us. Whether you need to store surplus office furniture and equipment, or you’re looking for a warehouse with a state-of-the-art inventory management system — we’ve got you covered.

GSA Schedule 48
We are proud to be one of a select group of 653-8 multiple award contract holders under Schedule 48. Our team can offer you best-in-class military and government relocation services across the country — all with one point of contact.

Office Moving Tips from Johnson Storage & Moving

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At Extra Space Storage, we know how overwhelming a move can be. It’s physically and emotionally exhausting. And no matter how you prepare, there always seem to be last minute to do’s, but with our expert moving guide, you’ll master the moving ins and outs in no time.

For starters, you need the right tools like a permanent marker for labeling, extra duty packing tape, a screw driver for disassembling furniture and bubble wrap.

It’s easy to lose your screws during a big move. Instead of losing them, try taping screws, bolts, and washers to the bottom of the furniture they belong with. That way, you’re furniture and your sanity will arrive intact. Another great way to eliminate the stress of a big move is to pack similar items in well-labeled boxes. It will save you time and embarrassment when you’re ready to unpack. And for those really dense items, it’s always helpful to have a dolly to help load them into the truck.

Thanks. Start by placing the biggest, heaviest items into corners and against the back wall of the moving truck. You can maximize your space by storing boxes above and beneath tables and by placing delicate, flat items in between mattresses. Do your best to balance out the weight of the truck evenly. Once you’re ready to head out to your new home, make sure the door and ramp of the moving truck are locked and secured. You wouldn’t want your mother-in-law’s doilies accidentally flying off the truck and into a garbage can, would you?

Strapping down each layer as you pack prevents things from shifting around during transportation. You probably heard the old saying, “If that truck’s a-rocking, your stuff’s broken.” Now that everything’s all packed and organized, just take a moment to breathe. Maybe get some pizza with the kids.

Now is a good time to decide if you need a storage unit for stuff that didn’t fit on the truck. Check out Extra Space Storage. They offer clean and secure storage units nationwide. They even have climate controlled storage units for your most delicate items. So, that’s it. We’re all done, right? Wrong. It’s only half time. Let’s bring home the victory.

By now, you’ve made it to your new place, and you want it to feel like home as soon as possible. But before you tear through your carefully packed boxes like your rich neighbor’s kids on Christmas morning… Plan your new living space. Where will the furniture go? Where should people stack boxes? Answering these questions will help you stay organized and avoid confusion. So, help me, help you, help him. Take your well-labeled boxes from earlier and put them immediately into the corresponding room. Make sure the path to and from the moving truck is clear. Last thing you need is a friend or a mover tripping over a ficus and a TV judge deciding who’s to blame.

As the furniture gets moved in, you’ll see rooms come together, feel your heart rate return to normal, and your new house will start to feel more like home. Try not to worry so much if a throw pillow is on the wrong couch or a coffee table book isn’t on the coffee table. Think big picture here. Get everything into the right room before you start playing interior decorator because that guide is for another day.

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Packing for your move across town or cross country and want to pack like a pro? This video highlights why packing and inventory lists can help in the process. Learn how to pack items in your kitchen safely and so much more. Packing many or all of your items yourself can also help you save money on the total cost of your move. This video introduces tips and ideas to help you pack like a pro.

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General Moving Tips from Amazing Moves Moving and Storage

Meet Marshall Aikman, co-owner of Amazing Moves Moving and Storage in Denver, Colorado and find out how to ensure a stress-free move with these important moving tips.

Amazing Moves is a full service mover in the Denver, Colorado area. Full service moving means moving on your schedule, not ours. It means removing any unrest or uncertainty about your belongings during their transport. It means your belongings will be protected and brought to you in the same condition you last saw them in. The staff at Amazing Moves takes full service moving seriously. We respect the structure (walls, floors, doorways) and perimeter (lawns and driveways) at the pick-up location and the destination. For our customers, full service moving means “no hassle”, let us do the heavy lifting.

When you are ready for your next move, give us a call or visit and request your free estimate.

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The Day Before You Move – Moving Tips From Amazing Moves Moving and Storage

Marshall Aikman, co-founder of Amazing Moves Moving and Storage in Denver, Colorado offers valuable moving and packing tips for the day before you move. Our moving tips videos are just part of the excellent care you will receive when Amazing Moves in Denver Colorado is your choice for your next move.

The staff at Amazing Moves are determined to make your move incredible by taking extra care with fragile items, keeping prices competitive while still providing the best customer service and providing the safest transportation for your belongings.

At Amazing Moves, there is no middle man, you deal directly with co-owners Marshall Aikman and Padraic McHale. When you are ready for your next move, give us a call or visit and request your free moving estimate.

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5 Most Difficult Things to Move

Posted By on Sep 25, 2016

So the big day is almost here. Time to check the list and make sure everything is ready to go. The only things left to consider are those big items that the moving company has to take care of. Thank goodness it’s not up to you to figure out how these things get moved! All you care about is that they arrive safe and sound and in one piece at the new location! Here is a list of the Top 5 most difficult things to move and how movers such as Seattle movers do it, and what you can do to help.

If you have an aquarium, most movers agree that expecting all your fish to arrive alive is very optimistic. If you can, you may want to consider giving your stock away to friends or family and just moving the tank. You will have to disassemble the tank for the move. This means taking out your plants, stones, decorative items, and the filtration equipment. These should all be packed like any fragile item. The aquarium itself will then be wrapped and packed as a fragile item on its own.

Big Screen T.V
As with all electronic items, moving them is best done in their original packaging. However, since quite often these items are not still at hand, here is the best way to prepare that star of the living room, your big screen TV. The top, bottom and sides of the TV should be protected with foam forms available from moving and packing companies. The whole TV is then slid into a large box and empty space is also filled with foam forms. The box should then be taped shut and marked fragile.

No one wants to lose a favorite houseplant collection when they move. Your moving company should be able to help you relocate with all greenery intact. In some cases, plants and flowers are not allowed to be moved within a moving van. You should check with your mover to see if your move is one that allows their transport. In cases where plants cannot be moved, proper packing materials and helpful hints for how to pack your plants are available through most moving companies. One of the most harmful things to living plants is extreme temperatures. Try to keep your plants in the same kind of environment that they are used to. Plants can be moved successfully if placed upright in the proper sized box surrounded by clean newsprint.

Art and Mirrors
Moving companies have an amazing variety of packing boxes available and there should be one to fit any sized art print or mirror. They are generally large and flat to allow for little movement of the piece inside. Each piece is wrapped in newsprint and bubble wrap before being placed in their snug cardboard box. Large, bright “FRAGILE” stickers are always placed on such boxes for instant visibility.

Like that big screen TV, your computer system is another difficult item to have packed to move. When you have invested thousands of dollars into something, you definitely don’t want it damaged. Before you start packing, be sure you have backed up all the data on your computer just in case. Rigid foam forms again are often used to protect a computer system when original packaging is not available. Monitor screens should be protected with bubble wrap to prevent scratching. Your computer tower should be packed upright and in the right sized box surrounded by bubble wrap or another type of shock resistant insulation such as Styrofoam popcorn.

Taking the extra time to discuss moving these items with your moving company will ensure a safe and secure move for all your important belongings.

If you enjoyed this article about Seattle movers, please feel free to post it to your site or blog and forward this link to your friends. Have a great day!

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The whole idea of moving and need for hiring a company that will move your things may seem a little frightening and tiresome and sometimes very expensive. But, by searching a proper company, you would be surprised how much money you can save if you compare the companies and their prices and in this whole process you will be avoiding scams.
Here are few simple tips that might be able to help you:
Recommendations are the first order of business

Surely, some of your friends or relatives have used moving company services; they will give you a sincere advice and tell you on what to pay attention.

There is always a local moving company near your home, find their representatives and arrange a meeting, you will want for them to estimate in person how much the moving will cost.

It is always the best solution to find a mover by yourself, in that way, you will be able to avoid numerous scams.

Background check all moving companies
When you have a list of possible movers, it would be wise to check them online. You can use Better Biro Business website to perform this, or you can call American Moving and Storage Association. If a moving company is a member, this means it has obliged to have published tariffs and to be engaged in arbitration program. Each of these organizations has companies who are blacklisted and that should be avoided.
Select minimum four companies to do an in- home estimate
For example, if you are planning to move to another state, you should ask the moving company to provide you written binding estimate or a better solution would be, a binding not- to – exceed the estimate. These both types will guarantee you a guaranteed price for your move. The price will be based on the weight and the distance. You can also get a nonbinding estimate; as long it is free. But, Department of Transport warns that your moving costs will be bigger than the estimate.

Show every asset that needs to be moved to the estimator
It is important to show everything that you have for moving because this may change the initial agreement that you had with the company. If you forgot something to show him, he may challenge the previous estimate, he might make to pay a higher amount, or he doesn’t even have to move your things to the previous conditions.
Check the estimate in details
The estimate should be signed by you and the moving company as this will serve you as some bill. Inventory list should be included when your items are loaded.

Pay attention to writing the binding estimate; it should be on the top of the document with the signature and date at the bottom. This should guarantee you that your goods will arrive safely at the desired location and at the arranged time.

The moving company should have insurance and licenses

There are a lot of companies out there who don’t have proper licenses for business, you should visit the website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and check every moving company there.

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